Built in 1928 by Victor Bourgeois for his sculptor friend Oscar Jespers, the workshop operated until Oscar’s death in 1970.

At the end of the 1920s, this space, which occupies over 400 m2, was a prime meeting place for Europe’s artistic avant-garde.



Espace Niemeyer Paris

FCK « Tokonoma Project »

03/05 from 4 PM till 10 PM (opening)

04/05 till 13/05 from 12 AM till 6:00 PM

Closed on 08/05 & 10/05

« Tokonoma project » is the 7th in situ of ceramist and performer Frédérick Gautier (aka FCK) and the 4th shutter of a collaboration with Jean-François Declercq of the Atelier Jespers (Brussels).

It lies within the scope of “Itinérance” a series of exhibitions out the walls.

FCK has been seizing since 8 months the Niemeyer space, headquarters of the French Communist party.


It’s important to use the verb “to seize” rather than « to invest » as much he is plastically involved in it. He has been striding the place methodically tracking the simple forms which defined the formal frame of his body of works. In situ and inspired, its production consist in fragments of architecture transposed into ceramics which are always usual objects.

The textures of his clay and his enamels vary systematically producing at the same time serial but single objects. Its mobile workshop looks like a microfactory in which saving intools and actions are restraint.

From his automatised movements and their repetition emerge meditative gestures. Objects are produced with speed and agility, they are then numbered and inventoried. FCK multiplies his series of objects as a “human machine” and in that sense echoes to his Masters in architecture.

His micro architectures are powerful and brutalists and their limited ornamentation always refers to the spaces he settles in.


« After the Barge Le Corbusier, the Bauhaus streets of Tel Aviv, the river of Los Angeles, the BETC General Stores in Pantin, this residence gives me the chance of a new exercise.

This undulating flag building designed by Oscar Niemeyer, disciple of Corbusier and also pionnier in the used of concrete, forces me to work on the cohabitation between right angles - inflexible lines and curves from the inside and outside. Thus was born the Tokonoma project ». Tokonoma: essential decoration component of the traditional Japanese interior. Formal space considered as out of time used to host simple but valuable objects allowing mental escape from the daily life.

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