Built in 1928 by Victor Bourgeois for his sculptor friend Oscar Jespers, the workshop operated until Oscar’s death in 1970.

At the end of the 1920s, this space, which occupies over 400 m2, was a prime meeting place for Europe’s artistic avant-garde.



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brussels design september


Guest of honour



Michael Anastassiades

Treize Mobiles

07/09 from 11:00 to 17:00

08/09 from 11:00 to 17:00

09/09 from 11:00 to 22:00 (nocturne)

10/09 from 11:00 to 18:00

From 11/09 to 02/10 by appointment only

This September, Atelier Jespers will celebrate its two year anniversary with the exhibition “Mobile Chandelier” by Michael Anastassiades.


When meeting new people, there are either those rare chance encounters or the meeting of minds fueled by the shared curiosity that we recognise and admire in others. This encounter belongs to the latter, when one quickly comes to recognise the common drive, vision and passion in one another.


This exhibition will tell a story of light. Atelier Jespers wanted to create something unique, and create an exhibtion entirely composed of lights, and what better way, than to invite, Design September 2017 guest of honour : Michael Anastassiades.


For the first time, Michael Anastassiades will bring together and showcase his thirteen-piece collection of the Mobile Chandelier series. Along with the support of designer Damian O’Sullivan, specialist in object design, the exhibition will present pieces from an in-depth reflection on the history of form. A reflection that takes objects further than their mere function and in so doing confers onto Mobile Chandelier the status of exemplary design.


We dream of a playful and unique universe in the spirit of Juan Miró, where forms are free from aesthetic and theoretic constraints and give way to motions that reveal themselves in their purest form. Hosting such a collection in the modernist house of Victor Bourgeois is thus much more than the sum of its parts, it is an idea that ties together the past and present, it is a reflection that aspires to be bold and to exceed established norms.


Designer Michael Anastassiades creates work with an enduring quality by focusing on proportion, the honest use of materials, and the physical presence of an object. Positioned between fine art and industrial design, his pieces exist between that which is utilitarian in its function, whilst poetic and enigmatic in its presence.


Anastassiades established his design studio to create a platform for the production of uncompromised objects. Less motivated by commercial incentive, Michael Anastassiades Studio has refined a philosophy that champions ideas and experimentation, freeing the design process to allow for greater creativity.


Formally trained as a civil engineer at Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine in London, Anastassiades went on to study industrial design at the Royal College of Art. Founding his London-based studio in 1994 followed by his eponymous brand in 2007, Anastassiades wanted to broaden the availability of his signature designs. The company has since produced a celebrated collection of lighting, furniture, and objects that demonstrate the studio’s continuous search for eclecticism, individuality and consistency. This has led to many successful collaborations with brands such as FLOS, Herman Miller, Salvatori, Nilufar, and Swedish design institution Svenskt Tenn.


This October 2017, at the invitation of Art Élysées, Atelier Jespers will present a selection of Belgian designers from several generations. Art Élysées contributes to the artistic and cultural dynamic of the city of Paris. Since its creation, the show has welcomed exhibitions within its pavilions that were often unpublished, institutional or from private collections. Atelier Jespers takes this opportunity to present, outside their own walls, all of the rich design talent Belgium has to offer since multiple decennia.


After two years of existence, Atelier Jespers gladly presents for the first time abroad, a cabinet composed of furniture in the strict sense of design: furniture, textiles and lighting. Taking a completely contemporary approach, the point is not to showcase historic design but rather to encourage a discovery of the current scenery of high level Belgian creations. We are not talking industrial design on a global scale, but a meticulous and personal creation reaching the limits of contemporary design that show the manual craftsmanship and intellect of multiple generations of Belgian designers.


A couple of said designers, Vladimir Slavov (lighting), Ben Storms (furniture), Casimir Reynders (furniture), Gerard Kuijpers (furniture, sculptures) have had the opportunity to exhibit their works at Atelier Jespers. Others such as, Pol Quadens (chairs), Damien Gernay (furniture), Studio Krjst (textile) and Michaël Verheyden (furniture) will be presented for the very first time in a scenography conducive to reveal the singularities of their pieces and in this way gain recognition for their work.

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