Built in 1928 by Victor Bourgeois for his sculptor friend Oscar Jespers, the workshop operated until Oscar’s death in 1970.

At the end of the 1920s, this space, which occupies over 400 m2, was a prime meeting place for Europe’s artistic avant-garde.



exhibition during


Atelier Jespers invites you to his new itinerant project « ItinerancE-Project »

during Art Elysées

from 19th till 23rd October

19/10 de 10:00 à 20:00

20/10 de 10:00 à 20:00

21/10 de 10:00 à 20:00

22/10 de 10:00 à 20:00

23/10 de 10:00 à 18:00

In October 2017, invited by Art Élysées, Jean-François Declercq (Atelier Jespers) presented a selection of Belgian designers  from several different generations.

This “off-site” exhibition formed the first part of his new “itinerancy” project.


Art Élysées contributes to the artistic and cultural dynamism of the city of Paris.

Since its creation, the fair has hosted in its pavilions institutional exhibitions and private collections, often never seen before.


The event is thus the moment for Jean-François Declercq to present the richness of Belgian design creativity from several decades.

This is not industrial design on a global scale but careful, personal creations that border on contemporary art and show the manual and intellectual craftsmanship of several generations of Belgian designers.


Some of them, such as Vladimir Slavov (lighting), Ben Storms (furniture), Casimir (furniture) and Gerard Kuijpers (furniture -sculpture) have previously been shown at the Atelier Jespers.

The others – Pol Quadens (seating), Damien Gernay (furniture), Studio Krjst (fabrics) and Michaël Verheyden (furniture), Arno Declercq (objects), Nathalie Dewez (lighting), Maarten De Ceulaer (furniture), Frederik Delbart (furniture) & Nicolas Schuybroek (object)

are being presented for the first time in a staging that reveals the singularity their creations and thus contributes to the recognition of their work.

With the support of Design September & visit.brussels


Upcoming exhibition "Urbanistic Ceramic" by Frederik Gautier

from 17th November to 11th December

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