Libraire à Paris depuis 2001, christophe daviet-thery cherche à réinventer son métier en en redéfinissant les modes opératoires.

Ainsi son activité s'articule-t-elle autour de trois axes :


 - Le nomadisme avec le projet je déballe ma bibliothèque


- La transversalité avec le projet vis-à-vis dont le prochain opus sera visible à la galerie untilthen à Saint-Ouen du 18 octobre au 26 novembre 2015.


- La subjectivité dans les choix avec BookADVISER. À ce titre, il conseille de nombreuses bibliothèques d'institutions comme le Reina Sofia à Madrid,  le MACBA à Barcelone, le MOMA à New-York, la Graphische Sammlung de Zürich ou encore la Bibliothèque Nationale Suisse.


Il travaille actuellement sur un projet intitulé BookSUPPORT destiné à garantir l'indépendance économique de l'activité de libraire.


Par ailleurs et depuis 2003, il développe une activité éditoriale qui le conduit à éditer aussi bien des livres d'artistes que des catalogues.


Il a récemment publié un ouvrage consacré aux livres de Richard Prince, Bibliothèque d'un amateur. Richard Prince's publications 1981-2014  ainsi qu'un livre consacré aux affiches de l'artiste américain Allan Kaprow, Allan Kaprow. Posters..


Matthew Brannon, Hors d’oeuvres

55,9 x 50,9 cm

8 pages


screenprints by Sarah Shebaro, Brooklyn

binding by Clara Gevaert, Brussels

e dition of 25 signed and numbered copies + 7 A.P + 4 H.C.


Matthew Brannon’s images are intentionally seductive and can be identified immediately, reminescent of archetypes.

Indeed, what better way to represent a platter of crayfish, an ice-bowl or an Oscar? Matthew Brannon’s aesthetic is influenced by the graphic arts, the advertising world; an aesthetic infused with the outdated elegance of the 1950s. His images work as « visual signs », conditioning our very reading of them.

Yet beyond these surface images, hides a darker world, revealed here by a letter from a producer to an author, setting a tension between what is to be seen and what is to be read.

Is there a better parable of our contemporary society than that of Hollywood, which Brannon invites us to observe through a keyhole?

Allan Kaprow. Posters


29,7 x 43,2 cm


90 pages

edited by Alice Dusapin &: christophe daviet-thery  co-published with Koenig Books, London  designed by Coline Sunier & Charles Mazé

text by Oscar Tuazon & Steve Roden  1100 copies

36 €


Allan Kaprow (1927–2006) was an American artist who is perhaps best known for his work 18 Happenings in 6 Parts that took place at the Reuben Gallery in New York in 1959. In 1958 he wrote an essay, “The Legacy of Jackson Pollock,” that became an essential text for understanding the development of his work and indeed the entire Sixties performance art scene: “Pollock, as I see him, left us at the point where we must become preoccupied with and even dazzled by the space and objects of our everyday life, either our bodies, clothes, rooms, or, if need be, the vastness of Forty-second Street. Not satisfied with the suggestion through paint of our other senses, we shall utilize the specific substances of sight, sound, movements, people, odors, touch.” With a wide selection of images, this publication, designed by Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé, documents Kaprow’s posters, a lesser-known side of his work, produced between 1953 for his first show at the Hansa Gallery, New York and 1996 at Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal. Most of these posters were designed by Allan Kaprow and are characterized by their aesthetic quality, the earliest ones in particular a combination of hand-lettered text and drawings and the later ones of photographs and typographic text in a minimalist style. More than merely advertising Happenings or Activities, these posters act as scores/tools for the participants to the Happenings and as everyday objects that blur the boundaries between art and life.

Bibliothèque d’un amateur, Richard Prince’s Publications 1981-2014


11,5 x 16 cm

208 pages


edited by &: christophe daviet-thery and Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié  co-published with VIAINDUSTRIAE

designed by Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié  1000 copies

25 €


Catalogue to the eponymous exhibition at Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive, Spoleto, 23 June – 26 August 2012 and at Christophe Daviet-Thery, Paris, 26 October – 20 Decemer 2012.

This book is not a catalogue raisonné, but rather an invitation to look in on an amateur’s library. It allows us to consider this aspect of Richard Prince’s work, addressing books as well as the notion of a collection and its incompleteness, revealed here by the « ghosts » of missing books.   Richard Prince is an avid book collector, an obsessive one.

This zeal and fervor transpire in works such as The Good Life or American/English, where he photographs books from his collection, reducing the book to an image, a simple surface.

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