08.2015 Criminal (Pinewood Studios movie production), Movie

05.2014 De invasie toont, Designmuseum Gent, Ghent

05.2014 Galerie l’Eclaireur, Paris

05.2014 Design museum, Ghent & Amsterdam

04.2015 Salone Del Mobile, Palazzo Litta, Damn Magazine, Milano

12.2014 Gent Kunst, Club Social, Ghent

11.2014 Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels

10.2014 Biennale Interieur Kortrijk, Kortrijk

09.2014 Tent Londen, Super Design Gallery, London

07.2014 The Loft, The playing Circle, Amsterdam

06.2014 Meubelexpo II, vzw Zwart Wild - De meubelfabriek, Ghent

04.2014 De Invasie - Salone del Mobile, Milano

02.2014 Mechelen Meubelen 2.0 - Hof Van Busleyden, Mechelen

11.2013 Designdays, Maastricht

10.2013 Open Bedrijvendag - Lamot & Ondernemershuis, Mechelen

06.2013 Wij maken meubels, Zwart Wild - De meubelfabriek, Ghent

04.2013 Huiskamer Ernest, Ghent



Ben Storms started out by studying art history, then he learned how to work with stone and wood  and  finally  how  to  design  furniture.  He  became  a  designer,  combining  his  flair  for technique, his passion  for  materials and  his artistic  culture in his audacious projects. These demonstrate the will and commitment of this young designer.


One of his first works In Vert, created at the end of his studies, was inspired by the work of the artist Giuseppe Penone and is situated overtly in relation to the urban context. The bench is suggestive of reconciliation between the city and nature. This unique, poetic and adaptable piece draws the eye to the unlimited and changing beauty of the tree, reflected in the mirrored surface.


Storms explores technique and its possibilities with In Vein. He has researched the classic trestle table. The table top is made of a subtly veined marble layer and taken directly from nature, with a sheet of stainless steel, blown using pressure, which seems to take on a life of its own. Each piece is unique and encourages the user to play with the surfaces and adapt the shape to serve as a table top, or once you turn it around, as a mirror.


The  coffee table InHale  is  designed  like a  sculpture,  bringing together  two  forms  and  two materials  in  a  confusing  design  that  creates  a  disturbing  illusion.  It  brings  together  in  a provocative way a massive remnant piece of marble recovered from a quarry for a table top that sits on an inflated metal cushion, producing a surprising effect of lightness and fragility.


Ben Storms seems to like the limit between art and design. His approach, on the limits of what is possible, incites astonishment in the eyes of others, a unique way of provoking desire and InTerfere-ing in our humdrum lives.


Anne Bony


In Vein

in vert


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