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In addition to the furniture catalogue published with the designers, the company Domeau & Pérès has always worked on specific designs in areas as diversified as cars, aeroplanes, interior design and bespoke furniture pieces. Public and private patrons call on the two designers to apply their skill and technical know-how to original concepts and designs. Most of the time this involves made-to-measure design which often requires a prototype phase and which must meet a variety of demands. Private civil aviation would be a case in point. In collaboration with a subsidiary of EADS, that manufactures private jets and with whom Domeau & Pérès have worked for several years on fitting out passenger cabins, they developed an anti-crash version of the standard seat whilst keeping its aesthetics and comfort. Similarly, in collaboration with RDAI (Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure), they played a major role in the cabin preparation of a Falcon 900 series, one of which is used regularly by a high-powered French business man. They also designed a shoe-shine chair for John Lobb, a subtle fusion of wood and leather, which is a clever reference to the craft of shoe-making following in the made-to-measure tradition of the brand. Finally, with Marc Newson they designed the pilot’s cabin of Kelvin 40, a two-seater jet, with the seat cladding based on a space plane concept for Astrium and a jet and a model of a jet engine seat, all created by the Australian designer.

This particular view, and unusual treatment, of seating intended for mobile structures was also explored by the duo in the automobile sector. They worked with large car manufacturers who specialised in limited series prestigious cars, including one Swedish company. They contributed to the development of the Concept Car (C-Air Dream for Citroën, Paladine for Peugeot and Hermès) and they were involved in a study on seating for top of the range models like Volkswagen’s Phaeton. In the same vein, Bruno Domeau and Philippe Pérès thus produced for themselves a sort of masterpiece, which led to a complete makeover of the interior design of Mercedes A-Class. The floor is covered with Avignon carpet, seats upholstered in leather and woven horse hair and the dashboard and accessories are leather-cladded.

For the Milan exhibition in the French cultural centre, they reinterpreted a Fiat 500 from 1969 in a tribute to Italy. This comprised white porcelain bodywork from Rolls Royce, a floor of woven paper, seats made of natural calfskin and all chrome plated 14 carat gold.

Naturally and considering the notoriety of the brand in the furniture domain, the company has been involved in the décor of many public spaces.  Whether it is in institutions like the Unesco Hall (with architect Odile Decq) which later led to the production of some furniture pieces, in the liturgical domain (church seats and armchairs), shops like  those of  Rodolphe Ménudier (with Christophe Pillet), signs for Dior Homme or Chanel,  Azzedine Alaïa shoe shop (with Marc Newson), restaurants like the Café Hermès Tokyo and Osaka (with Martin Szekely) or collaborating on the outstanding Krug project, the hot air balloon known as “Krug is in the air” for which  Domeau & Pérès chose all the design and artwork, just sheer and utter luxury.


Another less conventional achievement followed.  After meeting the film directors Macha Makeïeff and Jérôme Deschamps, heirs and holders of the rights of film maker Jacques Tati, the idea emerged to reproduce some pieces of furniture used in the film, Mon Oncle (My Uncle). Thus, three key objects of this monument of French cinema have been brought back to life after several decades of only existing on a film strip. They are Mr Arpel’s couch, the Haricot couch, Mr Arpel’s chair and Michel Lucotte’s vase (done in collaboration with the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres). Since the original pieces no longer existed, they had to do several prototypes from the images of the film.


Due to their dual skills of saddler (the world of mobility) and upholsterer (the world of homes and, by extension, architecture) the scope of work of Domeau & Pérès is very wide indeed. Therefore, they manage to bring technical solutions such as the cladding of the steering wheel of the signature concept car of Louis Vuitton and the upholstering of the Swiss Army Knife Armchair of the artist, Fabrice Hybert. It is precisely by “rubbing shoulders” with the variety of artistic people listed above that the duo can envisage aesthetic and technical approaches that die-hard specialists fail to imagine.








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